Simple Tips for Eating Out

Can I have meals out while still losing body fat?

The short answer – yes!

The long answer – read on!

To lose body fat, you have to consume less calories than you burn off. This is called eating in a calorie deficit.

When you are preparing your own food at home, it can be easier to stay in this deficit as you have control over the food you are preparing.

However, we can’t eat every meal at home – nor should we! Eating out is a part of life and something that should be enjoyed, not stressed about.

Meals out will more often than not have more calories than the meals we make at home. Restaurant food tastes so good because of the extra oil, all that butter and other calorie rich foods that go into each dish!

If losing body fat is your goal, you will need to be a little more mindful when eating out. Some simple strategies to use are:

  • Check the menu before going to the restaurant so you know what food you will be having
  • Order first – that way you are not going to be swayed by what others are having at the table
  • Avoid the bread basket and wait for your meal to arrive to eat
  • Choose a dish that has a protein source and have extra veggies with it
  • Order a jug of water for the table and sip on it throughout the night
  • Avoid dishes that are sauteed or fried – this usually means a whole load of extra calories!
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want – most restaurants are very accommodating to requests for meals

These are some tips that you can choose to use when eating out.

Remember though, if you only eat out once a month or irregularly, don’t stress about ensuring that meal is the most nutritious option on the menu.

Food is to be enjoyed and you could use that opportunity to eat the food you enjoy most and enjoy the meal fully, savouring each bite and enjoying the company around you.

One meal in the month is not going to make or break your progress. It is what you do every day that is going to have the biggest impact on achieving your fat loss goals.

If you are someone who eats out once or twice per week and you are trying to lose body fat, you will need to start using some of these strategies.

You cannot eat out multiple times per week, eating the foods you enjoy most and overindulging, and expect to lose body fat in the process.

So be mindful when eating out.

Chose when to indulge and chose when you want to be more conscious and stay in line with your goals.

And make sure to enjoy and savour every bite 😊