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What is nutrition coaching?

Taking fat loss as a goal, if you come to me for coaching, we look at so much more than just the food you are eating. We look at your sleeping patterns, stress levels, your activity levels. I take a holistic view so we can improve every aspect of your life for the long term.

You will check in with me weekly which brings accountability and I am available for support on whats app.

The food you eat is going to have the biggest impact for fat loss. Exercise and introducing structured movement to your diet can compliment fat loss but is also important for other reasons. Structured training, which can be done at home or in a gym, builds muscle mass, improves cardiovascular health and attributes to an overall healthy lifestyle.

I don’t promise a 6 week transformation.

I don’t put clients on super low calories and exercise every day so that I can use a transformation photo at the end of 6 weeks.

I will provide you with the tools and mindset that will allow you to continue on the path of health long after you finish a plan with me.

If you are interested in online nutrition coaching, please fill in your details below and I will send you a questionnaire to complete.

All nutrition coaching is for a minimum of 10 weeks to ensure we have enough time to work together to build sustainable habits


Invest In You

What’s included

Fully Customised Nutrition Plan

Training Plan (Home or Gym based)

Weekly Check In’s

Daily Support on WhatsApp

Recipe Guides

Information Pack to set you up for success

Coaching to improve mindset and attitude to food

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Online Nutrition Coaching


When it comes to nutrition, everyone is on a different journey and at a different starting point. That is why the service I offer is tailored to each individual, never generic.

I take an approach of building habits to change your lifestyle for good. There is so much more to life than being miserable on a diet!



Overnight Oats
Chicken and Mushroom Pasta
Stuffed Pitta Bread
Prawn Tagliatelle


I got in touch with Siobhan when I was stuck in a rut, making poor food choices & lacking knowledge or motivation to know where to start! I was feeling physically sluggish & bloated, low energy & always tired. Mentally, I was feeling anxious & stressed. I explained to Siobhan that I wouldn’t commit to any complicated meal plans or strict structure as with 4 kids and working long shifts/night shifts, no 2 days are the same. I couldn’t believe to begin with that Siobhan’s simple tips, tricks, advice on nutrition would work, but 5 weeks in I’m building on habits that weren’t hard to incorporate into life at all. Learning to eat mindfully has given me a different relationship with food and allows me to enjoy every thing I eat with zero feeling of guilt. Siobhan has always been available to chat/text to give advice no matter how big or small. She’s a real motivator and great support, full of positivity but very realistic with what you can achieve based on your individual lifestyle. Needless to say I feel so much better in myself and my body & mind are reaping the rewards of balanced nutritious diet. I never feel like I’m missing my favourite treats as Siobhan encourages you not to deprive yourself of treats but to plan ahead and enjoy your treat mindfully. I have so much to owe her and encourage anyone that needs nutritional guidance to contact her!


Siobhan has shown me that losing weight is not all about the scales. She pays great attention to weekly check ins and will give great feedback and advice for the week ahead. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed taking a different approach to a weight loss journey, one that has become part of my daily routine and never feels like I’m on a diet. Siobhan is very knowledgeable about nutrition and has shown me that sleep, stress, water intake etc. are all a part of being healthy. I’m very grateful to Siobhan for helping me on this journey, and I can’t thank her enough for all the support and advise she has given me in becoming healthy and most importantly, happy.


Wow, its great to see the difference in my body. My jeans fit me so much better now and it really hasn’t been hard to make the changes. My self confidence has increased as I know I am making better food choices while still have treats and desserts occasionally