Managing Alcohol and Fat Loss

I will start by saying I am certainly someone who is partial to a drink. I really enjoy sitting down and enjoying a glass of wine with a loved one. Occasional drinks add a lot to my life so it is not something I will be cutting out any time soon!

When it comes to fat loss, alcohol and the habits we have around alcohol can certainly have an impact on fat loss results. I want to give you some tips on managing your alcohol intake but also consider other factors when it comes to alcohol.

The first thing to consider when it comes to alcohol, especially if trying to drop body fat, is the take time and consider the events that you will have a drink at. If we took a drink every time it is offered, we could end up drinking every weekend! So if you have a busy social calendar coming up, sit down and plan for the events you will drink at. Best friends wedding – you will probably have a drink at that. A distant relatives 60th birthday party – you may decide to drive for this one. So sit down and plan for the upcoming events and when you will be drinking.

When it comes to the day of the event in question, some tips for that day:
– Keep your meals high protein and high in volume. What this can look like is an omelette with veg and a protein source for breakfast, stir fry or salad for lunch and snacking on fruit and protein yoghurts during the day.
– Increase water intake on the day you are going out. Hangovers usually occur due to dehydration so drink at least 2 litres of water on the day you are going out. I also take a hydration solution (Dioralyte, ORS tablets etc.) before the night out and also when I get home that night to keep my hydration levels up
– Have a balanced meal before heading out – think protein, carbs and fats – so you are not hungry going out. If at a party, sit yourself away from the food table – as I always say, set your environment for success so don’t put yourself right beside all the tasty food
– When you are out, stick to light beers or clear spirits with low calorie mixers.
– Don’t mix drinks – your head or tummy will not thank you for this the next day!
– Have a glass of water for every 2 alcoholic drinks
– Get out and burn some energy on the dancefloor – this will keep you away from the bar!
– Avoid the takeaway at the end of the night. Come home and have some toast instead. This one isn’t always easy to do, I’ll be honest, but it is important if fat loss is the goal

It’s the day after being out that is the key to not hindering your fat loss efforts. This is when we can really overconsume calories and put ourselves completely out of our deficit. There are a few key things to think about for the following day:
– Get some fresh air. I know sitting on the couch is tempting for the day but your mind and body will thank you for getting some movement in
– Get two litres of water into you
– Have food in the house and be prepared for the day after. This is the most important aspect of managing alcohol. Get back to your normal routine with food. Have food in the house to make a fakeaway so you don’t end going to the takeaway. If you allow yourself to eat what you like the day after being out, this is where you will see calories really go up for the week
– Get to bed at your normal time. You want to get your sleep routine back on track as quickly as you can

Alcohol can for sure be worked into a fat loss plan. The key is being prepared and planning for it.

There will be times when you will choose to say no to alcohol because it is not in line with your goals. Don’t feel the pressure to drink if you don’t want it. It is you who will suffer the consequences ultimately.

Hopefully you found this helpful and will help you to manage alcohol as part of your fat loss goal!