Creating Exercise Habits

I am often asked, “What is the best type of exercise to do?”

My answer: the one you can do consistently. Boring I know, but that’s the truth.

Doing something that you dislike is probably going to fail. For a habit to stick, it needs to be something you enjoy.

To make an exercise habit stick, I believe there are three main principles to follow

  1. Make it a ritual

Like early morning exercise? Have your clothes laid out the night before.

Prefer to exercise in the evening? Book a class for you when you are on your way home from work. You are less likely to make the excuse not to go when it is on your way home.  

Making it part of a ritual makes it more likely that you will stick to it.

  • Book it in the diary

Schedule your exercise like you would a dentist appointment. Commit to a day and time and put it in your diary. Rope in a friend and you are more accountable to complete your workout.

  • Start small

So small that you can’t fail. Start with 10 squats while the kettle boils. Go for a 5-minute walk. Build this habit for a week and then start adding on a little bit more.

And remember, little by little, a little becomes a lot.