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Welcome to SOS Fitness where exercise happens in a different way. Get active and come workout with us!

SOS Fitness

Welcome to SOS Fitness

My name is Siobhan. Welcome to this community we call SOS Fitness! I am extremely passionate about making fitness accessible to everyone and having fun while we do it! I believe that fitness should be a part of everyone’s life, no matter your age, weight, gender or current fitness level.  

I love people, I love working with people (my background is in Human Resources!) and I enjoy nothing more than seeing people improve and reap the rewards of exercising and having a healthy diet.

SOS Fitness

Why workout with me?

Feel Good

Do something for your body that is going to make you feel good about yourself and improve your health

Work Hard

Be prepared to sweat a little but, don’t worry, we’ll make sure you enjoy it along the way!


Be part of a community of like minded people trying to improve their health in a fun and friendly environment.

SOS Fitness


Siobhan is a brilliant motivator who works us hard, all done with a smile on her face!! Fitness has improved hugely by everyone who comes to her class and everyone keeps coming back. Highly recommend SOS Fitness…


Have been going to Siobhan’s classes since Jan and she’s great. Gives easy and more difficult options to each exercise so regardless of ur fitness level u can attend class without feeling unfit. And I get to make new friends along the way


SOS Fitness Classes





Pilates is a series of low impact exercises performed on a mat. It is designed to build strength in all the muscles of the core which in turn strengthens the deep lower back muscles. This is why Pilates is often recommended for people with lower back pain.

Pilates is performed in a slow, controlled, precise manner and with a lot of concentration. Breathing is very important with each exercise to ensure you connect with the muscles we are working.

I started teaching Pilates in 2019 as I saw a lot of people struggling with lower back pain and there was no exercise class available to help them build strength in this area. I have seen people eliminate back pain and other muscle soreness by following the Pilates method consistently.

Pilates runs in Tureencahill Community Centre and Ballydesmond


For those playing sports, it can help to reduce incidences of injury.


For older people, it is a low impact form of exercise that will improve mobility and build muscle strength.


For office workers, it can counteract the effects of sitting at a desk all day by strengthening your posture muscles.
SOS Fitness

Come visit us!


Coming to an SOS Fitness class is a chance to switch off from the outside world, do some exercise, challenge yourself and have some fun along the way with some good tunes playing (good is dependant on your taste in music, 00s pop is the main genre!)